Kwik Kerb® Information
     Kwik Kerb® operators provide machine-extruded continuous concrete edging to enhance gardens, driveways and any landscaped areas. The finished product not only looks great, but it is a cost-effective method to create mower strips, driveway curbs and very functional and stylish garden edges for home-owners or any type of property.

     A unique machine called an "Edgemaster" is the cornerstone of this truly innovative system. It can extrude the concrete edging on-site at up to 60 meters per hour.

     Kwik Kerb® is produced in many styles and colors. Almost any color can be chosen and shape and contours can be easily created in any landscape. The finished result is quickly achieved and the difference it makes to a front yard is simply amazing.

     The Kwik Kerb® mowerstrip is budget priced, but can make a real feature of a gardens design, while still maintaining the function and durability that concrete edging was chosen for. With some imagination a once dull front yard can be quickly transformed into a showpiece!

     In 1995 Kwik Kerb® released a world first with the introduction of EuroStyle® Slate Impression edging. With over 5 years experience and hundreds of operators installing the product daily, this unique and beautiful concrete edging is today the most sought after concrete edging in the world. EuroStyle® is produced in many shapes, colors and styles and has the aesthetic appeal and appearance of slate or brick edging. Though composed of durable concrete, Kwik Kerb® EuroStyle® can be produced in a huge range of colors and patterns to compliment any environment.

     Kwik Kerb® can look just like brick pavers but without the hassles of grass and weeds growing in between each brick. Because Kwik Kerb® is formed in a continuous strip there aren't gaps every few centimeters. A variety of intricate designs are available which are imprinted onto the surface of the kerb. This unique and exclusive process is called sure to make any home owner proud.